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About RTM Mobile Live Streaming

This service is only for users from Malaysia only and not available for international users. The streaming services requirements are :

  • Supported mobile devices
  • Internet connection ( 3G or Wifi )
  • Web Browser with HTML4 and HTML5
  • Adobe Flash Player for mobile

Supported Devices

As the mobile gadget numbers is growing and each of them doesn't talk with same language, it is quite hard to support all the mobile gadgets out there. Currently the only supported devices are :

  • Android by using Adobe Flash Player
  • Blackberry by using native RIM RTSP Player
  • iOS ( iPhone,iPad,iPod ) by using HTML5
  • Windows Mobile by using Smooth Streaming technology
  • Symbian OS ( Nokia ) by using RTSP Player

How To Play The Stream

  • Click TV or RADIO icon on the top menu
  • Click desired channel icon, for example TV1
  • Video player will stream the content


  • On Blackberry if the video is not loading, try to click Blackberry icon and select refresh
  • On Android make sure you have installed Adobe Flash Player [ Download ]

Bandwidth Usage

Bear in mind, streaming media requires a lot of bandwidth usage. For example, watching our streaming TV for 1 hour will consume you around 88 Megabytes for bandwidth usage. It's highly adviseable you can use Wifi internet connection to view the stream.

Our TV channels are streamed at 200kbps and RADIO at 96kbps